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How To Endure Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Upper back pain is caused by a lot of different factors ranging from a muscular injury to some lifestyle factors like not exercising enough or being overweight. Upper back pains are usually less severe when compared to the lower back pain. However, they occur much more frequently when compared to it.

This article is going to be dealing with the causes, symptoms as well as the treatments of upper back pain.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Just like lower back pain, its causes range from something as simple as an individual having a bad posture to some sudden injury. View a slideshow here

Muscular Injury

This is one of the causes of upper back pain. It usually occurs just around the muscles of the shoulder. The glenohumeral joint is also the main joint of the shoulder, and this makes the connection between the torso and the upper arm. Although this joint is the most flexible in the body, this also makes it unstable.

Muscular Injury of Shoulder Joint

So as to cover for this, the shoulder has some hard muscles that cover the joint and also allows movement. These are the muscles that cover the upper back and shoulder which makes them prone to injury and can lead to pain.

Lifestyle Factors

According to spinehealth.com some normal life routines of a lot of individuals contribute either directly or indirectly to upper back pain. Some of the factors include the following:

  • Frequently lifting of heavy objects
  • Having a bad posture while standing or sitting.
Pelvic Tilts
  • Growing overweight.
  • Too little or too much exercise.

Other Causes

The other causes of upper back pain include some medical conditions. Most medical conditions that result in upper back pain include trapped nerve, problems with the spin, rheumatism, as well as arthritis of the spinal joints in the thoracic vertebrae.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

The symptoms that are experienced due to upper back pain are similar to those that are experienced due to lower back pain. Most of its symptoms are usually unserious. Some of its symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Tension or stiffness of the muscle
Pain in Shoulder area
  • Pain around the shoulder blade
  • Dull aching pain
  • Pain that grows worse at night.

The symptoms listed above are the most common symptoms experienced which are not severe and does not indicate any underlying problem. However, in very rare cases, more serious symptoms occur that may indicate a severe problem. Some of these serious issues include:

More Serious Symptoms

  • Experiencing numbness in the legs or the arms
  • Weakness of the legs or arms
  • And incontinence.

If the symptoms above were experienced, then it will be a good idea to visit your doctor.

Doctor With Patient With Back Pain

Treatment of Upper Back Pain

Some things can be done once you start experiencing upper back pain. Some of them are as follows:

Have Enough Rests

The first thing that you should do when you start experiencing pain in your back is to take a break. However, you should not take too long before you get back on your feet. You should slowly return to your activities, and you should avoid the things that will worsen your pain.

Research has shown that taking a bed rest does not relieve back pain better than staying active does. Furthermore, excessive bed rest can lead to other problems such as stiff joints and muscle weakness.

Use of Ice Pack or Heating Pad

The application of heat can reduce pain and stiffness of your joints, and ice can help to reduce the pain and swelling. Try using the ice pack first before making use of the heating pad. You should, however, endeavor to switch between the two at intervals to see which of them works better for you.

Putting Ice on Back


As stated above that too little or much of exercise can cause back pain, moderate exercise will, however, be a treatment for it. Consult your physical therapist or your doctor to educate you on the kinds of activities that you can indulge in so as to strengthen your shoulders, back, as well as your stomach.

Having a healthy and healthy muscle will help to improve your posture and also keep you in a better body balance while decreasing your chance of injury and ultimately reducing pain.

Quit Smoking

According to surveys, smokers complain of upper back pain as opposed to their nonsmoking counterpart. Studies have also shown that smoking not only decreases blood flow, but it also slows healing. You can look for ways that will assist in quitting your smoking habit for good.

Back Pain Is Often in Smokers

Taking Measures to Reduce Stress

Stress will only worsen your pain. Therefore it is an excellent idea to avoid it as much as you can. You should rather take the deep breath and relaxation exercises, or make some regular exercises routine such as yoga.

Practice Good Posture

A poor posture will hurt your back as it increases the stress on your back. You should ensure proper posture by sitting or standing tall with your shoulders and stomach pulled in so as to support your back.

Bad Posture Example

Carry Heavy Weights With Care

You should be careful whenever you are about to carry something that has a heavy weight. You should bend your knees and also keep your back in a straight position. You should also avoid twisting and keeping the load close to your body.

Use Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever

Over-the-counter drugs such as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin, Aleve, Advil, etc.) or acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) can help you to reduce the pain as well as the swelling that may want to occur. However, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor for any interaction that these drugs can have with any other medications that you are on.

You should also note that there are some individuals with some health issues that should not take some specific drugs. Try to be sure that you can take over-the-counter drugs of your choice.


Several upper back pain causes can offer you nightmares while trying to make small movements. It's important for proper identification of upper back pain causes, Symptoms and Treatments so as to lead a comfortable and soreness-free life.

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