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Sitting Proper Posture

Your Ultimate Guide to Lumbar Support

Our spines can naturally adopt proper curvature without lower back support. However, due to unhealthy habits, most people tend to slouch while sitting down. While slouching might seem like a more comfortable option, the improper posture puts extra stress on the lower back, preventing the spine from curving inward.

If you spend hours working in a seated position, perhaps with an achy back and a craned neck that leaves you feeling exhausted afterwards, it is time you invest in lumbar support.

We have the tendency to slouch or hunch over to get a better view of our computer screens, this causes increased damage to the lumbar spine, causing it to drop backwards, reversing its natural curve.

Difference Between Correct and Incorrect Posture

Due to this slumped position, the muscles at the bottom are stressed, causing the lumbar discs to apply pressure on the nerves. To make matters worse, the lumbar spine tends to curve backwards when you lean forward causing sprain on the neck, resulting in shoulder pain.

Why Purchase a Lumbar Support Cushion?

A lumber support cushion can effectively help you manage backache and ease some of the symptoms of degenerative spinal conditions. For people who have jobs that require them to sit for long periods, investing in a lumbar support cushion might be the best decision.

Types of Lumbar Support

There are several types of lumbar support options in the market. Here are the options you can choose from, according to Spine Health:

Ergonomic Chair

According to this blog, if you spend most of your time typing away in front of the computer, consider investing in an ergonomic chair. These ergonomic chairs are specially sculpted using a lumbar support curvature that straightens the spine and prevents damage to the back. These chairs are perfect for people who spend several hours at work in front of a screen.

Lumbar Support Ergonomic Chair

Lumbar Roll Back Support

According to Physiobench, using a portable lumbar roll is the most effective way to ensure you sit correctly on your chair. These portable rolls and cushions are lightweight and can easily be transported from place to place without any inconvenience. We advise you purchase a lumbar roll according to your chair’s size and so that it fits comfortably.

While using the lumbar roll, lean your upper back against the chair rather than putting the pressure on your lower back. Do not force your spine into adopting an overly straight position and keep your head upright without tilting it backwards or forwards.

Lumbar Support Belt

Want to protect yourself from future back injuries? It’s easy to damage your back when you are lifting something heavy. Fortunately, wearing a lumbar support belt not only prevents such injuries but also provides your back much needed support and maintains your posture as well.

Support Lumbar Belt

The belt helps maintain the right posture when you are carrying something heavy. Additionally, these belts are highly beneficial for pregnant women as it eases discomfort and protects them from injuries.  Most lumbar support belts are made from comfortable materials and can easily be hidden underneath your clothes.

The side panels are elastic to increase comfort and create ventilation and compression. People with back pain, slipped disc, or any degenerative disc ailment can use these belts.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Can’t stand sitting through an uncomfortable train ride because of the stiff seats? Consider purchasing a lumber support pillow. Lumbar support pillows are incredibly light-weight and inexpensive. You can purchase multiple pillows for office use, home, travelling and even for buses and trains.

By inserting these compact pillows between your body and the seat, you protect your lower back from unexpected shocks and injuries.

Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow Support

The pillow curves your spine forward, forcing the torso to move forward, straight up. This aligns the spine and the neck and pushes your shoulders back, taking off the extra weight, which would have otherwise crushed your hips and lower back. There are several types of lumbar support pillows in the market.

Some pillows come with an elastic strap, so all you have to do is attach the straps and position the pillows the way you want.

Lumbar Support for Car

Lumbar supports for cars are designed to improve the individual’s posture while driving. Instead of adopting for a slouched and slumped posture, users can now use lumber support to sit up straight and gain the health benefits of a proper posture. Lumbar support for cars comes in different varieties so users can opt for one that suits their personal preference.

Car Lumbar Support

While some manufactures offer lumbar support in built-in car seats, you can purchase additional lumbar support equipment, such as pillows and cushions. A low-cost recommendation for lumbar support for car is to roll up a towel and place it behind your back for added support. However, we do not recommend this technique while driving.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Memory foam lumbar support cushions are among the best orthopedic solutions for your injured back in the market today. Unlike other cushions, memory foam is a unique material that adjusts the seat or pillow according to the body’s temperature.

Lumbar Support Cushion Made of Memorty Foam

Temperature regulation not only adds comfort but also allows the cushion to mold according to the user’s body shape, resulting in increased back support. This way, the pressure on your spine and lower back is released and your neck stays in the proper positions, regardless of whether you are sitting down or lying in bed.


Investing in inexpensive lumbar support is the perfect way to improve back health. Browse through the internet and you will find dozens of lumbar support brands online. To reduce the risk of muscle spasms and back injuries, avoid sitting in the same spot for too long.

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