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Reasons to Purchase a Foam Seat Cushion

Are you slouching while reading this right now? It is time you eliminate such unhealthy habits from your life and opt for better health and greater comfort. Foam seat cushions are portable, compact sized flat pads designed to support the back and the tailbone that take off pressure from the rear region.

Cushion Made of Memory Foam

Sitting for prolonged hours causes damage to the spine, resulting in sciatica and pain in the tailbone region. These portable cushions are used as normal cushions for sitting on any kind of chair or seat, whether in your car or at the office.

Chair Seat Cushions for Indoor Seating

Looking for ways to add more color around the house? Perhaps you can invest in new seat cushions to make the boring old chair more comfortable and visually appealing. Some benefits of chair seat cushion for indoor seating include:

Cushions for Sofa

Prevents Back Pains

Spend all your time in front of the computer screen? Consider investing in a chair seat cushion for added comfort. Prolonged sitting in front of the computer not only damages your eyesight but also does harm to your lower back and wrists as well. Invest in an ergonomic chair seat cushion to prevent damage to the tailbone so your back stays upright for years to come.

Adds Visual Appeal

Seat cushions are available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. Depending on the overall décor, invest in cushions that enhance the look of your home. For an elegant look, buy cushions in shades of beige or soft greys or go wild with vibrant colors for a bold look. Better yet, get creative and make your own cushion covers at home to impress guests.

Seat Cushions for Patios

How long has it been since you changed the patio furniture? Investing in small accessories, like seat cushions and flower beds, can drastically alter the look of the space. Here are some benefits of using seat cushions for patios:

Seat Cushions for your Patio

Adds Color

Want to add some extra color to your boring old lawn furniture? Seat cushions are available in a variety of colors, patterns, styles and designs. Water-repellent seat cushions are the perfect solution for dull old lawn chairs that are not comfortable to sit on.

Adds Comfort

Seat cushions make seating arrangements snuggly and more comfortable for guests and visitors and can be conveniently be placed on lawn chairs, patio chairs, rocking chairs or any other type of seating furniture.


Why waste money on buying new patio chairs when you can amp it up with comfy seat cushions? Add elegance and color to boring old furniture by adding a vibrant seat cushions. Most seat cushions come with removable covers that can be washed.

Seat Cushions for Stadium Chairs

Do you find it difficult to sit through an entire baseball game because of the tacky chairs? Many spectators are prone to complaining about uncomfortable seats at a sporting event. Do not let improper seating arrangements dampen your spirits and ruin your weekend and instead invest in comfortable and portable seat cushions.

Mobile Seat Cushion for Baseball Games

Portable Solution to Uncomfortable Seats

Memory foam or foam cushions are incredibly light-weight and portable, perfect for game night. Prolonged sitting can have a negative impact on the spine. Invest in these inexpensive cushions so you can enjoy the sporting event without having to worry about your back.

Improves Blood Circulation

Never complain about cold hard bleachers ever again. It’s time you enjoy stadium events instead of worrying about your back. Foam seat cushions are portable and effectively improve blood circulation, resulting in better posture. Additionally, seat cushions are ideal for people who suffer from pain in the tailbone.

Seat Cushion for Bikes

Biking offers numerous benefits for the body and soul, but let’s admit it, long rides can get quite uncomfortable. Using a gel bike seat cushion over the existing saddle might make the ride comfortable and pain-free. Here are some benefits of using seat cushions for biking:

Removable Cushion for Bikes

Acts as a Shock Absorber

Mountain biking is a sport that exposes the body to a lot of aches and pains. It might seem adventurous at first but riding over rocks or vegetation can cause damage to the lower back, resulting in pain and discomfort. Your ordinary bike only features a little padding which hardly protects your spine and bottom.

Invest in a seat cushion for your bike that will act as a shock absorber, resulting in a more enjoyable experience without any damage to your joints.

Less Friction

Most bikes feature leather seating that sticks to the legs and causes a condition known as ‘saddle sores.’ This swelling occurs as a result of friction between the skin and the regular seat. Most seat cushions are made from flexible materials that do not stick to the skin when you are riding your bike.

Back Support for Bike Rides

Cushion seats effectively reduce the risk of saddle sores and result in a more comfortable ride.

More Effective Workout

Always end up cutting your workout sessions short because of the discomfort you feel due to unpadded bike seats? Invest in a seat cushion for your indoor or outdoor bike to extend workout sessions. Comfortable rides will allow you to focus on your well-being and will improve endurance and strength.

By investing in a seat cushion for bike rides, you will spend a lot less time worrying about painful rides and will enjoy your workout sessions. Longer rides will ultimately result in better health.

Seat Cushions for Cars

You probably spend at least a few hours in your car every day. Make your trips to the grocery store more comfortable by investing in a seat cushion for your car. Truck drivers who spend the entire day behind the wheels can also benefit from seat cushions to improve posture and eliminate back pain. Some benefits of using seat cushions for cars include:

Car Edition of CushComfort

Reduces the Effects of Vibration

Whole body vibrations from driving a heavy vehicle can result in injuries. Sudden vibrations typically happen when the vehicle is moving but matters become much worse when the vehicle passes over a bumpy road or an uneven pavement. Seat cushions effectively act as shock absorbers and minimize the effect of vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

Prevents Strain

Prolonged sitting can have numerous negative impacts on the body, especially with regards to your posture, bones, ligaments and muscles. Sitting for continuous periods encourages drivers to slouch and adopt a ‘C-shaped’ sitting position, causing damage to the pelvis and straining its ligaments.

A seat cushion prevents strain and also reduces the pressure between the intervertebral discs which prevents spine damage and misalignment.

Eliminates Back Pain

Most chronic back pains are associated with sitting in the same spot for hours. This is especially common among truck drivers who spend hours on the road and also load and unload heavy materials. Orthopedic seat cushions are designed to counteract such problems and eliminate back pain. Additionally, seat cushions also improve blood flow and eliminate other ailments.

Improves Blood Circulation

Thought poor posture only damages your appearance and makes you look lazy and unproductive? Well, you are wrong. Poor posture in addition to prolonged sitting negatively effects blood circulation within the legs.

Car Cushion with Lumbar Support

Poor posture creates force against the pressure areas that cuts off blood circulation in the legs and possibly the rest of the body as well, resulting in numbness. To combat such problematic conditions, invest in seat cushions to improve blood circulation throughout the body.

How to Clean Seat Cushions

Outdoor seat cushions can transform the decking area in your house into a magnificent living space. However, to keep the place spick and span, you will have to invest a few minutes on maintenance.

While quality outdoor cushions are designed to withstand sun and heat, there is little you can do when it comes to rain and general wear and tear. So, how do you keep the patio furniture at its best? Here’s a guide to cleaning cushion covers according to Home Guide:

Seat Cushions Covers

Removable Cushion Cover

Invest in a seat cushion that comes with a removable cushion cover. These covers can be washed by hand or tossed in the dryer. However, check the care label before you start as some materials are sensitive to chemicals, like bleach.

Machine Washable Fabrics

If the outer cushion cover is a washable fabric, things just got a lot easier. Toss the material inside the dryer at the appropriate temperature and add some detergent. Once the washing cycle is over, allow the cushion covers to dry under the sun.

Spots and Spills

No matter how careful you are, spills happen, especially if you have energetic little ones running around. Blot a stain to prevent it from soaking or ruining the cushion. Use soft pieces of cloth or paper towels for blotting or else the stain may transfer to the inner cushion.

Easiest way to Wash your Cushions

When it comes to food spills, such as chocolate or spaghetti sauce, take action immediately and grab as much of the stain as possible using paper towels. Ketchup and mustard stains can effectively be removed by soaking a piece of cloth in vinegar. Finish it up by soaking a piece of cloth in a mixture of warm water and detergent to wipe off the spill area.

Dust Off Dirt and Dander

No matter what material the cushion is made of, it is prone to attract dirt and dander from the atmosphere. Individuals who have pets should especially take out a few minutes of their time to vacuum the seat cushions using an upholstery brush attachment.

You may also use a small brush with gentle bristles, like a toothbrush to extract loose debris, which may be caught between the crevices. If you do not have much time, simply wear a rubber glove and wipe your hand over the material to lift pet dander in a matter of seconds.

Odor Removal

Apart from the shabby appearance, sometimes it is the scent of the cushion that requires a little extra cleaning or refreshing. Get rid of nasty odor by sprinkling some baking soda over the cushions and use a vacuum cleaner to scatter the baking soda away. For better results, apply more baking soda and allow the cushions to rest under the sun for a couple of hours.

Remove Spots and Spoils on your Cushions

Apart from baking soda, you can make a solution consisting of equal parts of water and vinegar. Soak a piece of cloth in the mixture and use it to scrub the cushion to get rid of the odor. However, test an area of the cushion to ensure the liquid does not discolor the fabric.

Over all Cleaner

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a handy solution for all-over cleaning? Well, you are in luck. With a little effort, you can make a cushion cleaner at home. Create it by mixing 4 parts of water and 1-part liquid dish soap. Give the solution a good whisk and apply it on the fabric. Soak a piece of clean cloth in the solution and use it to scrub off the stains. Store the solution in a bottle for regular use.


Apart from making smart seating choices, it is imperative you sit less and get a move on. If your job does not allow you to get up from your seat, simply stand and perform your daily tasks. Invest in a standing desk or improvise by using a high counter or table.

Use lunch breaks as an opportunity to take a stroll around the park with your colleagues. According to Mayo Clinic, many people position their working surface above the treadmill with a computer screen positioned in the front.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy foam seat cushions for your home or car right now and notice a drastic change in your posture.

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