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Floor Mat for Long Standing

Reasons to Buy a Standing Mat

Do you use a standing desk at work to improve posture and boost productivity? Tired of backache and leg cramps? Well, we have an inexpensive solution for you: standing mats. By investing in a standing mat, you can reap numerous benefits.

Standing mats reduce the risk of injuries and improve blood circulation so you can comfortably move around all day long without feeling tired and exhausted.

Anti Fatigue Standing Mat


Using a standing mat with supportive footwear can drastically reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Anti-fatigue mats are designed to eliminate stress and strain. Employees can use it anywhere, from restaurants to offices and factories, where they are required to stand for long periods.

Why Are Ergonomic Mats Important?

Similar to other forms or ergonomic tools, ergonomic mats are designed to provide comfort to the human body and ease the tasks the body performs. These mats eliminate short-term fatigue from standing in the same position for countless hours and also reduce the risk of other long-term negative cumulative effects of stress and strain injury.

Ergonomic mats are known to increase productivity in the long run, especially in factories where workers are required to stand for hours in the same position.

How to Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Spending hours on your feet in the same position on hard surfaces is uncomfortable and results in physical fatigue. Standing for long hours causes the leg muscles to become static and constricted. An anti-fatigue mat reduces blood flow, reducing pain and discomfort.

When employees stand for long periods of time, their hearts are forced to work harder to pump blood through these constricted areas, causing them to run out of energy.

Metal Floor Mat

However, when a person stands on an anti-fatigue mat, blood circulation is greatly improved, causing the muscles to repeatedly contract and expand. Increased muscle movement in turn increases blood flow, greatly reducing fatigue.

Benefits of Standing Mat

Wondering why you should invest in a standing mat? Here are some benefits:

Eliminates Foot Pain

Foot pain is among the most common problems reported by employees who are required to stand all day. These employees naturally place themselves at the risk of developing foot diseases. Fortunately, standing mats greatly reduce this risk and provide relief to employees who suffer from swelling, inflammation and severe foot pain.

Floor Mat for Professional Kitchen

Creates Non-Slip Surface

Standing mats are generally made from slip-resistant materials. This greatly reduces the risk of injuries in kitchens or in factories where workers may be facing hazards. Standing mats provide workers a more accident-free environment to work in. In a case a fall should occur, thick mats break the fall, resulting in minimum injuries for the user.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation

Standing mats reduces the stress on a person’s joints, boosting blood circulation. Better blood circulation nourishes the muscles with ample amounts of oxygen and nutrients, reducing the risk of loss of circulation.

Reduces Stress

Does your kitchen have a hard, wooden floor that applies too much pressure on your feet while cooking? Perhaps, it is time you invest in a standing mat. These mats make standing on hard surfaces, such as concrete and wooden floors more comfortable. With the added flexibility, users benefit from a less painful working environment.

Mat for Long Hour Work Day

Reduces Fatigue

Employees who are forced to stand for long periods of time feel more tired and fatigued. To prevent your workers from feeling exhausted, invest in standing mats and you will be surprised by the boost in productivity.

Adds Comfort

Standing mats make hard surfaces more comfortable to stand on, resulting in happier workers.

According to ErgoMats, other benefits of using Standing Mats include:

  • Reduces fatigue which in turn minimizes the number of industrial accidents
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Stimulates blood circulation, thus preventing cramps
  • Reduces the cost associated with low employee productivity
  • Allows individual to work in a more comfortable and hazard free environment

Uses of Standing Mat

Below are three ways you can use a standing mat according to this blog:

For the Office

Standing mats are a must for standing desks. Standing in the same place for prolonged hours can cause tiredness in one’s legs and feet, especially when you have only recently made the transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk.

Rest assured, the feeling of tiredness is an indicator you should get a move on and spend more hours walking and running. A standing mat’s flexible material causes small muscle contractions in your legs, claves and feet that increases comfort and promotes good posture.

Floor Mat for Clerks

For the Bathroom

Do you spend a reasonable amount of time getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror? Unfortunately, the bathroom tile is probably not the most slip resistant place to get ready. Consider placing a standing mat in front of the mirror to prevent slips and falls that can injure your back.

For the Kitchen

Whether you enjoy spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals for your loved ones or a bit more of a prepared kind of cook, standing mats make those hours spent in front of the burning hot stove more comfortable and hazard free.

Many professional chefs regularly use standing mats as they benefit from the soft surface to stand while the prepare meals. You can place one in front of the counter or near the sink for washing dishes.

Bunch of Standing Mats



Over the long run, increased fatigue causes headache, lower back pain and other discomfort. Invest in an ergonomic standing mat to make hours spent at the kitchen or in front of the desk a little less painful.

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