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10 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain at Home

There are so many things that lead to back pain, ranging from degenerative conditions such as arthritis to you bending the wrong way while trying to lift something that is a little bit too heavy. Whatever it is that may cause your back pain, it is usually hard to get rid of them.

According to surveys, about one in every four Americans claims to have had a recent low back pain. It is also expected that everyone at some point in time is supposed to experience back pain at a particular point in their lives.

There are some back pains however that are serious, which are usually caused by some form of injury. When this kind of low back pain is experienced, you should never take this with levity, but visit a doctor as soon as you can. However, if you are experiencing the normal routine low back pain, the following ten tips will go a long way in assisting you through this.

Therapy of Lumbar Region

1. Make Use of Ice

The first and the best thing that you should do the moment you experience low back pain is to place some chilled ice on your back. This is to be done within the first 24 or 48 hours after the pain is first noticed according to Professor E. Anne Reicherter, who is an associate professor at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine.

20 min of Icing Your Back

The mild effects that this leaves on your back not only reduce the pain that you experience, but it also helps your muscle to relax and relieve the inflammatory processes. You can decide to switch then to making use of heat or ice after the 48 hours. Whatever your choice is, apply it for about 20 minutes and then remove it so as to give your skin some rest.

2. Stay Active

Once your back pain starts to reduce, and you start to get some relief, put your back muscles to work. This should be done so as to prevent future occurrences of the back pain. You can do this by doing some exercises that will put your muscles to work as well as your back extensor muscles.

Extension of Lower Back

Furthermore, you should avoid abdominal crunches as well as you can. Your abdominal muscles give your back some form of extra support. Therefore any fault with them will ultimately lead to more work and strain on your back.

3. Be active

Reicherter says that just like the rest of our body, our spines need to move. Keep up with your regular daily activities that you do. Go jogging, do the dishes and even lot more. You can also do some aerobic exercises such as bicycling or swimming when you are getting better from the pain.

However, you should note that too much of these exercises can also have some adverse effects, so it is better if you do it moderately. It won't be safe for you running a marathon with a sore back.

Back Pain from Extreme Sports

4. Watch Your Posture.

Low back pains make it a little bit hard for you to support your weight or to carry any other burden. You should take extra care whenever you are lifting some heavy objects. You should always try as much as you can never to bend from your waist. Instead of bending from your waist, however, you should bend and straighten as well from your knees.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Weight

You should endeavor always to keep your weight just around the acceptable range for your height. You can make use of a healthy diet and regular exercises to ensure this. Being overweight has a direct effect on your back as it puts excess stress on your spine which will further worsen your back pain.

Long Haul Back Pain

6. Quit Some Habits.

It has been discovered that smoking increases an individual’s risk for osteoporosis of the spine as well as some other bone problems. Osteoporosis, however, can further lead to the compression fractures of the spine which are dangerous for your back.

Researches that were carried out recently has also revealed that those that spend most of their time smoking have a higher chance of having low back pain when they are compared with the nonsmokers or the light smokers. So you can try to cut on the rate at which you put fire to those cigarettes if you cannot completely stay off it.

7. Stretch

Webmd.com discussed various way of treating back pain at home, one of which is stretching. Avoid sitting up in a chair all day. Get up and stretch at about every 20 minutes interval. You should do this often because we all bend forward all day while at our jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the equation by standing and stretching backward.

Example of Good Posture Workout

You should also not forget to stretch your legs as well. This will give complete straightening to your back. You can also try some routine exercise such as yoga.

8. Go for low heels.

If you are in the habit of wearing high heels, you need to consider switching to flat or low heels (less than an inch). This is because high heels will give you an unstable posture which will, in turn, increase pressure on your lower spine.

9. Think Ergonomically

Rearrange your workspace so that you will quickly reach for things on your table. You should also make use of a chair that gives your lower back support and also allows you to put your feet on the floor firmly.

Example of Comf Cushions

10. Make Use of Pain Relievers.

Using anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen as well as other related drugs can help to relieve you of your back pain. Acetaminophen is yet another over-the-counter drug option that you can use for the pain management.

However, you should always try to consult with your pharmacist or doctor about any over-the-counter pain reliever that you are about to use. This is because there might be the effect due to the utilization of these drugs with some other medications that you are using.

Pain Relief

Also, those that have a history of some medical conditions such as ulcers, liver disease, and kidney diseases should avoid some certain medicines.


Now we have compiled a few exclusive approaches and procedures you should use to deal with and alleviate the agony of back pain. On the grounds that preventative measures are not enough, we have some amazing recommendations on these as well. Hopefully whilst you combine the cure and information above into your daily regimen you're going to revel in that much wanted freedom and comfort from back pain.

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