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Make your Own Cusjion

How to Make Your Own DIY Seat Cushion

Spend all your time browsing through DIY projects on Pinterest? Perhaps, it’s time you impress your friends and family with a creation of your own. Seat cushions make the perfect gift for loved ones and are also incredibly easy to make. Here’s your guide to making your own seat cushion:

Owl Looking DIY Cushion


  • Foam
  • Foam cutter
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Sewing thread
  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Shears
  • Straight edge
  • Craft paper or newspaper

DIY Cushion Scissors


  1. Decide on the size of cushion you want. You can use the measurements of a chair’s seat as guidance. Measure the seat from side to side.
  2. To get the total width of the fabric, add 6 inches to the measurements taken above
  3. On a piece of paper, draw out the dimensions of the foam. Use a straight edge to keep the lines as straight as possible
  4. Cut out the pattern along the lines drawn
  5. Place the foam onto the pattern you have drawn and trace it with a marker
  6. Cut the foam with shears
  7. Take your fabric and hold it in half, pinning its corners to hold it in position.
  8. Place the pattern drawn on the craft paper and place it on top of the fabric half inch from the hold and half inch from the edge
  9. Use pins to hold the fabric in place, then draw lines on the fabric half inch out from the other sides of the patternEquipment for DIY Cushions
  10. Use scissors to cut along the lines you drew. Cut the fabric in half at the hold, you now have the top and bottom of your cushion
  11. Rest the foam on the unused fabric and trace around it
  12. Draw another line after measuring out half inch on all four sides. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric with reference to the outer lines
  13. Repeat the abovementioned procedure for the short side of the foam, cutting one piece half inch longer and the other piece half inch wider, for an oval shaped cushion.
  14. Pin all the sides, leaving one of the corners open
  15. Use a thread and needle to sew half inch seams along the short ends of the fabric strips which you have pinned
  16. Now pin the sides to the top piece of the fabric and fit the seams
  17. Place the foam inside to make sure it fits, once it does, pin the final corner closed or make adjustments accordingly
  18. Remove the foam and sew the final corner closed, sew all the openings, leaving 1/3 of one side to slip the foam inside
  19. Insert the foam
  20. Remove all the pins
  21. Smooth out the foam sew the final opening with a thread and needle
  22. Enjoy!

Bunch of DIY Cushions


Make the cushion more attractive by using colorful fabric or by adding cute buttons and zippers. Enjoy the new cushion or gift it to a friend to spread some love.

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