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Stop Back Pain

9 Daily Habits to Stop Back Pain

While determining the cause of your back pain might not always be easy, there are several habits or actions you can take up to gain added relief. Most often, back pain is caused as a result of everyday activities done incorrectly.

These activities usually involve lifting, sitting down in front of the computer for several hours, twisting, etc. Sometimes, back pain can be eliminated by protecting your spine, reducing strain, relieving pressure and strengthening your muscles.

Rest assured back pain prevention is not as complicated as you thought; here are a few healthy habits that will reduce the odds of back pain:

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Do you have a dozen pair of glamorous high-heeled shoes in your closet? Well, it is best you flaunt them on special occasions. Opt for comfortable, low-heeled shoes when you are stepping outside to run errands.

Try to Wear Comfortable Shoes

These shoes are best for your back and will reduce the stain on your spine while standing. The ladies are better off with pumps with less than 1-inch heel. Rest assured your improved back health will be worth it.

2. Don’t Slump Over The Desk

The next time you head to work and sit down on your office chair, adopt a good posture. Use the same posture you would while standing. As many of us spend several hours sitting down, it is critical you maintain a good posture that will help support your back.

Opt for a quality chair that provides firm support in your lower back. You may also opt for an ergonomic chair. Make sure your knees are positioned a little higher than your hips when you are seated down.

Seat Cushion Can Prevent Back Pain

3. Ditch the Cigarette

You probably already know that smoking is bad for your health but did not know that smokers are more likely to experience back pain compared to non-smokers. One of the primary reasons is because nicotine limits the blood flow to the spinal disks, causing them to dry out, rupture or crack.

Back Pain Is Often in Smokers

Smoking also lowers the level of oxygen in the blood, restricting nourishment for the tendons and muscles in the back. Needless to say, an undernourished and a weak back is more susceptible to accidental pulls and strain that causes back ache.

4. Work Your Core Muscles

You are probably already aware of the countless health benefits of exercising. A regular strength training session that focuses on you core muscles is likely to reduce back-related ailments such as muscle spasms and strains.

Back Pain Yoga Exercise

Do not forget to incorporate abdominal and back strengthening exercises into your workout routine. Perform these exercises at least 2-3 times every week to develop a more flexible and stronger back.

5. Reduce The Load

It’s no secret that heavy and improper lifting is a common cause of back ailments, however people who lift heavy boxes on the job are not the only ones who suffer from this problem. C

Carrying a bulky laptop bag around your shoulder or dragging a heavy suitcase can strain your back. Try to take some weight off your shoulders whenever possible.

Dont Carry Heavy Loads

The next time you are headed to the grocery store, consider using a rolling cart to load all your bags instead of carrying the weight. Additionally, de-clutter your bag and remove all excess items which you no longer need. This is one of the simplest ways to reduce back ache.

6. Sleep Sideways

Do you wake up with a terrible backache every day? Perhaps you should consider sleeping sideways. Sleeping flat on your back is not a good idea as it increases pressure on your spine. If you absolutely must sleep on your stomach, throw in a pillow under your lower abdomen to take off the stress from your back.

Additionally, for better results, you can opt for a supportive mattress and pillow. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to getting a good night’s rest and important for maintaining good health. Take naps during the day if you do not get much time to sleep at night.

7. Combat Stress

You are probably unaware of how stress can negatively impact your health. Stress caused for work or studies can cause muscles-tension, leading to back pain. Nevertheless, any activity that brings down your stress level is likely to help with your backache. Include stress reduction activities in your routine including meditation, deep breathing and yoga.

8. Eat Right

Include healthier foods in your diet and adopt good eating habits. This will not only help you lose extra weight, but it will also remove unnecessary stress from your body.

Eat Healthy Foods

An unhealthy diet filled with frequent trips to the fast food joint can strain your nervous system, aggravating your back problems. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet in addition to healthy foods such as lean meat, whole grains and dairy products. Properly functioning intestines maintain your spine and lower the chances of back pain.

9. Stretch More Often

Lying down, sitting or standing in the same spot for an extended amount of time can be harmful for your back muscles. Whenever you have time, move around and stretch your muscles. If you are at work and cannot afford to go on a stroll, simply complete a few office tasks while standing up.

You can also pass the time by doing some simple stretches. Stretches and walking about promotes healthy blood flow through the muscles and bones of your back. This eases away the aches and strains caused by extended hours of inactivity.

Stretches For Harmstring

You can also perform a few simple stretches before you go to bed. This will not only help you get a good night’s sleep but will also promote better back health.

These are a few habits you can incorporate in your daily life if you want a healthier back. If the pain gets worse, it is crucial you opt for professional help to find the cause of your back pain.

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