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Relief After Long Work Day

Cush Comfort Textured Standing Floor Mat – The Relief Your Body Deserves

It's the end of another long day spent at work, and you feel as though you've been standing for days on end. Your feet are aching, there's no sensation left in your legs, and your back is strained from the constant pressure. The worst part is, you have to do it all again tomorrow.

What if there was a way to provide your body with the cloud-like comfort of floating on air, supporting you as you work, and removing all of the pain and pressure from standing on your feet?

The Cush Relief Textured Standing Floor Mat can provide you with that instant relief, and take away the pain of standing for long hours as you work. While doctors now recommend standing for a more ergonomic workspace, there hasn't been an ideal solution to feet and leg fatigue until now.

Scientific Research to Guarantee Comfort and Support

While standing for long periods is avoidable for many of us in our day to day lives, there's no need to suffer any longer with the discomfort and pressure of doing so. This textured floor mat removes the pressure from your feet, in turn creating support for your entire body.

Proven by clinical research and trials to relieve up to 80% of the fatigue associated with standing on a hard surface, the Cush Relief Textured Standing Floor Mat uses tri-layer technology to remove pressure from your feet and provide maximum support.

This unique product helps to evenly distribute your weight, effectively relieving the joint, back, and leg stress that is common among workers in all industries. With a durable thickness and rebound ability, it's ideal for all shapes and sizes too.

A Solution for Sore Feet Everywhere

This mat is the ideal solution for a range of vocations, with a special non-stick and anti-slip surface that works well with any type of shoes. Here are just a few people who can benefit from the Cush Relief Textured Standing Floor Mat:

Chefs and Amateur Cooks

Whether you work in a professional kitchen or at home, spending hours on your feet can be extremely painful and bad for your spine. With a special non-slip surface, this mat is ideal for the fast paced action of any sized kitchen.

Standing Mat for Kitchens

Retail Workers

Standing behind a cash register all day can take its toll on your body, so why not ease the suffering with a floor mat? These mats will be invisible to customers, but you’ll benefit from the comfort you receive all day long, greatly improving your mood.

Office Staff

As many offices now make the switch to chair free environments, it’s essential you provide your body with the support it needs while standing. This quality floor mat will allow you to work for 8+ hours a day while removing the fatigue commonly associated with standing for long periods.

Industrial Workstations

If you spend your day on the tools, you’ll be aware of just how fatigued your feet and back can become from standing on a concrete floor. With one of these mats in your workshop, you can safely provide a cushioned area to get the important jobs done.

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